Thursday, June 2, 2011

Discounts! Mystery Gifts! Free Stuff!!! This is crazy!

I think the Summer heat here in Central Texas has me losing my mind!!! Tiffora Style has some crazy deals going on right now...the month of June, every order that is $45.00 or more, gets a Mystery Gift what exactly could this mystery gift be--well, if we told you then it wouldn't be a mystery now would it...but I must say that it will most definitely be something from our boutique! And it's absolutely FREE!!!!

Next on our agenda is to save you money!!! You may ask yourself, why would a business want to save "ME" money, well, I'm telling ya, it's this 100+ degree heat we have going on down here, it has made me crazy! Okay, not really, we simply want to reward our fans and customers and offer them special discounts, simple as that! So, what we have for each of you is a savings of $10.00 up for grabs! To save this $10.00, all you do is take advantage of this Fabulously Fancy Deal--get a pair of Fancy Flip Flops from Bowtique Bow's and Trendy Tutu's Made from the Heart by Amy Graham (check 'em out on Facebook), and get a matching Fabulous Pettiskirt from us at Tiffora Style, and we will EACH take $5.00 off your total--bringing you to a savings of $10.00!!! Plus you or your fave girl will be fabulously fancy! Oh and let me tell ya, Fancy Flip Flops aren't only for the kiddos either--I absolutely LOVE them!
Bowtique Bow's and Trendy Tutu's Facebook Page on a side note, totally unrelated to Tiffora Style...hope you don't mind....

I am on Crowdtap, totally fun and addicting review/polling site. And I was chosen to review the new Active Wear Pants from Old Navy. With this fun and exciting deal, I was sent a welcome letter and 4 coupons for 4 pairs of active wear pants--absolutely FREE! Yep, FREE! One coupon was for me to use, and the other coupon was for 3 of my girlfriends to use. We were so excited to finally get to go check out the new Active Wear Pants from Old Navy, but were left feeling just a little bummed--not totally bummed, but a little bit. You see, Old Navy has a pretty extensive active wear section, and it is summer time...meaning it's hot, and most people do not want to wear "pants" to go work out in the summer. But, we were lead to believe that we would have the opportunity to try out the active wear shorts--since they were clearly displayed on the website as being part of this special "sample and share" offer--that was the part where we were all excited! And then came the little bummer, the manager at the Old Navy store we went to, said the offer is only good for "pants", not the active wear shorts or active wear skort--which was so super cute and I really wanted it (little bummed, now).

However, and a big however, the Old Navy Active Wear Compression Pants with the Split Leg are simply fabulous!!! They feel good, they are not hot at all (like I thought they would be) and so comfy it is ridiculous! You know how sometimes you get workout pants and they crawl and ride up and do all kinds of crazy things that workout pants simply should not do (mainly because they are so "form fitting")...well these pants simply did not do that. They stayed right in place on my hips, didn't ride up, I didn't even have to pick any wedgies, lol. So, hands down, LOVE the Active Wear Compression Pants Split Leg...I will update y'all more as the reviews come in from my girl friends and let ya know what they thought!
Join me on Crowdtap to get your free samples and such!

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