Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Old Navy Active Wear Pants

Okay so a week or so ago, I told you all about being able to "Sample & Share" Old Navy Active Wear Pants for Women...well our feedback is in!

If you all remember, we were not able to get any of the activewear pants that were advertised to us through Crowdtap, and unfortunately the only ones that were available at the stores we all went to, were the Compression Capris with Split Leg and then the Compression Crop activewear pants that fall just barely below the knee. While we would have really loved to try the shorts, we were left with just these two choices :-( So while we were bummed, we were quickly uplifted after getting our pants and all heading in our different directions to try them out and get busy on our reviews.

I received a pair and three of my friends each received a pair for FREE!! I picked out the Compression Capris w/ split leg, and the other three picked out the Crop Active Wear Pants that fall just below the knee. We all did different activities in them to check the comfyness, how well they feel when working out and lounging and everything in between! I LOVE the compression capri w/ split leg--I love doing the Dance Central on the Xbox360 Kinect in them. Most workout pants have a tendency to roll down and these do not! They stay in place and feel absolutely ahhhh-mazing!

Another friend wore hers to simply lounge around in and do housework in and she loves them! She said they are perfect length, and feel great when she's just doing stuff around the house. She's not one to work out, so she couldn't offer any feedback on that portion!

The other two friends do work out--one at home, and the other at a gym. The friend that works out at home said she put them on, got on her treadmill and started burning some calories! She LOVES her Old Navy Activewear pants!!! She also said she went out and did some yard work and was doing a lot of bending and stooping and loved how they stayed in place and she didn't have to pull them up, like she has to with her other workout pants! My friend that wore them to the gym said she loved how fashionable they were! She said she got lots of compliments and many people asked her where she got them out! The bright blue colors on the side really stood out and grabbed attention (which she loved!).

Overall, Old Navy Active Wear Pants for Women are a 10! Not just for comfort, but for fit, and for fashion too!!!

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