Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Unique Style

Pettiskirts actually are reminiscent of the old times when girls wore petticoats and pantiloons...but Tiffora Style has taken the "old timey" apparel and made it fabulous, fluffy, and so super soft that once it's on--you are going to have to pry it off of her! We have had girls that pair up their pettiskirts with capris, with super cute jeans, and leggings. Anything goes when it comes to pettiskirts! You don't have to have a girly girl for her to fall in love with pettiskirts! We have had the pleasure of outfitting every style of girl from diva to tomboy and each girl loves wearing her pettiskirt and has found so many different ways to make them work with their unique style!

Pettiskirts are worn by many celeb kids, and Noah Cyrus has been featured in many photos wearing a pettiskirt!

And don't worry, Pettitops are the same way! We have had many girls that wear their pettitops with any type of bottoms--from babies with pettitops and bloomers, girls with pettitops and shorts, girls with pettitops and jeans and girls with pettitops and leggings! Pettitops are so versatile that once again, each girl can have the pettitop match her unique style.

Pettiskirts are not only for casual every day wear, but we have also had the pleasure of outfitting flower girls for weddings, which has been the most monumental event that we have had the pleasure of being a part of. This is truly a special moment, when a bride or the mother of the bride has asked us to be a part of such a special moment in their life! 

At Tiffora Style, we have been so pleasantly surprised and grateful for the success that we have experienced upon opening up! We have sent pettiskirts all over the world--from all over the USA to Canada, to Germany and to Austrailia! It is so fabulous to know that we have reached these vast areas of the world!!!

We are so proud to be able to be rewarded by outfitting each girl and match her unique style--one that no one else can do! Tiffora Style strives so hard to achieve this with each order that is placed

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