Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another Sample & Share Freebie is up at Crowdtap for Old Navy

So, remember when I told you all about the Sample & Share I participated in with Old Navy and received FREE Activewear Pants!?!?! Well Old Navy is at it again with Crowdtap and has just posted ANOTHER Sample & Share, but this time for Embellished Tanks!!! So, what exactly is a Sample & Share, you ask??? Well it's exactly what it sounds like: You fill out a simple survey on Crowdtap, they then process your survey and then choose people to receive FOUR (4) coupons for FOUR (4) Old Navy Embellished Tanks--absolutely FREE!! No money out of pocket whatsoever! You get a coupon for yourself, and then you SHARE the other THREE (3) coupons w/ friends--and then go shopping! After you get your tank and your friends get their tanks, you SHARE your feedback/reviews/thoughts on the Old Navy Embellished tanks. Take some pics and/or videos of you and/or your friends wearing their tanks and then upload them w/ your feedback! Simple as that! You get get "SAMPLE" (get free tanks) and SHARE (write a review/feedback) of the product!!!

Crowdtap has these going on ALL OF THE TIME!! This is the third one that has come up for Old Navy since I have been a member (just 2 months ago)! The first one was for Old Navy Spring Accessories, then, the Activewear Pants, and now the Embellished Tanks!!! I simply LOVE crowdtap! So, what exactly is Crowdtap? Crowdtap is a place where you take one question surveys (Quick Hits) where you choose a multiple choice answer, and you get points and $$$ for answering! You don't get bombarded with emails filling up your inbox asking you to take this survey or that survey. You only get notified when there are "New Quick Hits" and/or "New Sample & Share Opportunities"...Crowdtap is a community of people just like you and I that are offering their opinion about various products!

So come on over and join me now so that you can start taking advantage of these AWESOME, FABULOUS AND FREE Products!!!!


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